Airborne Cam (3) 空撮(3)


I tried a trainer today. However the high wing trainer is very week against wind and not easy to fly under the wind. Finally it crashed by a gust.
Bit a damage it got. It would be a good opportunity to change the motor from DC to AC.
Anyway high wing rudder planes have a tendency to go up and down by wind change. I used to fly a low wing aileron plane in extreme low altitude turning with the wing tip touching the ground. I may make new low wing aileron plane for this purpose.


Airborne Cam (2) 空撮(2)


It was a nice gliding day. There were lot of big thermals all over the place. The glider easily got the altitude. Really I was worried of recovering the glider. I had to descend it spiral dive.

First Airborne Cam 初めての空撮


I tried aerial movie with my R/C glider. The airborne cam is the same camera I used for train cam.


I provided a piece of styrene sheet with Velcro tape as a camera mount. The mount is simply tightened to the wings with a wing mounting rubber band. If the camera headed to front ground picture would be hardly taken. So I mounted it 45 degrees left. I put the movie to Youtube.


I feel I manoeuvred the plane too quickly. Gentle manoeuvre is better for airborne movie. I was almost sick when watched the movie. Today it was cloudy and not good for thermal soaring at all.