Swiss Fantasy Railway

今日はBryan HuftonのSwiss Fantasy Railwayに行ってきた。

I visited today Bryan Hufton’s Swiss Fantasy Railway. Unfortunately the weather was terrible, but reasonable number of members were there.
My rolling stock were not waterproof and I could not run them at all under the rain.

DSCF2122 (Medium)

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LGB Colub AGM  LGBクラブの年次総会

Annual general meeting of LGB club was held at a church close to my place.



Also model and picture competition was held.



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Kevin's Layout in Google Map Google Mapで見つけたケビンのレイアウト

I found Kevin’s layout in Google Map. Arrows show curves at both ends. As you see this is very large.

ケビンのレイアウトがGoogle Mapでも見えるんじゃないかと思って探してみた。しっかり見えるではないか。矢印の所に両端のカーブが見える。デカイのがよくわかると思う。


Kevin King's Layout Day ケビン・キングの運転会

Today I jointed LGB Club’s meeting held at Kevin King’s place. Kevin’s layout is huge and the largest I have seen. I could not visit his layout for a couple of years and found many things have been changed including new smaller endless.

The photo below is taken from the entrance seeing one end of the main endless. The other side of the endless is located at arrowed place. Quite far.



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Rod Wiliamson's Running Day ロッド・ウィリアムソンの運転会

Today I jointed a meeting of “LGB & G-Scale Model Railway Club of Australia” held at Rod Williamson’s place. I could not attend the meeting of the club for one and half years. So it was enjoyable seeing old friends. Unfortunately the weather was not good and I did not bring my rolling stock to run. Many of my rolling stock use some wooden material and not strong against wet weather.



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