Open Day of JR Ohmiya Works JRおおみや 鉄道ふれあいフェア (2)


Controller for electric cars was displayed. It is a sort of extinct species.A master controller was installed in front of it and visitors can experience the operation of the controller. It was very interesting to see the cam motion. I felt so old-fashioned. Most left part contained high current contactors. Middle part was cam contactors to short up the resister bank to accelerate. Right part was the cam sequencer for control. The cam contactors do not have arc-chute as seen. The cam contactors only short the resistors and never cut the current and arc chutes are not required.

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The side of the controller. The boxes with “CR” letters are current detection relays. By detecting set current the cam moves to next step. My friend I went there with used work for railway traction control and very familiar with this kind of ones. He explained me what was the switch box below, but I forgot it. In the current detection relays the main current flows in a coil generates EMF and move an armature. Very crude device. I remember I used to use this kind of relays 35 years ago and the adjustment was very cumbersome.DSCF2846web.jpg


I tried to operate the controller._MG_0779web.jpg


I took some detailed photos of a pantograph. Basically I like steam not electrical trains. The reason why I took these photos may be revealed in future.DSCF2851web.jpg






Here another extinct species. Motor-generators may not be manufactured any more.DSCF2844web.jpg

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