Open Day of JR Ohmiya Works JRおおみや 鉄道ふれあいフェア (5)


Motor maintenance factory.DSCF2921web.jpg

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Air blowing of the motor component is done by a robot to relief workers from inhuman dusty work.DSCF2924web.jpg


Rotor and stator before assembly. The commutator was machined nicely.DSCF2922web.jpg


This is a DC motor for electric cars, but I have a question about the structure. In this motor the cooling air flow from right to left. That means from commutator side to winding side. Mill motors have different arrangement. Always the air flows from winding side to commutator side to prevent winding contamination by carbon powder from the brushes. I do not understand why the traction motors have this arrangement.DSCF2928web.jpg


Field winding of DC traction motor displayed in the factory museum. I was supplied the thickness of the winding. I only use shunt winding motors in my job and field windings of shunt motors are much thinner.DSCF2980web.jpg


AC motors used in general industry are mostly total enclosed external fan type. However traction AC motors introduce external air into the motor to make the size smaller. That requires periodic cleaning of the internal windings. Anyway development of totally enclosed traction motors are on the way and this sort of factory work will disappear in future.

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